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It's more than just a backpack.

Thousands of little kids in Georgia do not have access to basic school supplies, including pencils, crayons, or even a backpack. When families face decisions, such as keeping the water running or having their child's backpack filled with school supplies, their backpack usually remains empty. Being prepared for class and having the right materials for class is vital to learning, but if you do not have those materials or things you need for class. How can you be expected to learn? 

At a Touch of Grace, we believe that every single child in America should have equal opportunity and access to quality education. The impact of helping these children is amazing. This simple deed will make a huge difference in their lives. Not only will they have what they need for school, but they will also be set up for success for the entire year. This can only happen with your help. 

"When the children come to school, it's bad enough that some of them have limited food and clothing at home and don't know where their next meal is coming from. They don't need to worry about school  supplies."

- A Teacher from valdosta GA

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